social recruitment


  • 岗位职责

    1. participate in the public system of factory inspection (fat, to the plant's production plant), installation, commissioning and verification (iq, oq, pq), to ensure the commissioning and verification as scheduled;

    2. to participate in the training of equipment suppliers, skilled in the operation of the principle and operation of the equipment, training production line operators and other maintenance engineers, to ensure that the entire team to master the operation principle and method of operation;

    3. through the design drawings of the reading and project site check to ensure the accuracy of the project;

    4. from the equipment supplier to take over all the documents, develop operation and maintenance management procedures, running records, etc.;

    5. actively participate in gmp, ehs and other improvement plan, improve the performance of public works;

    6. other tasks assigned by supervisor.

  • 人员要求

    5. 1 years and above the hvac system operation or maintenance experience;

    2. familiar with the common engineering equipment, and have a certain ability to deal with the emergency treatment;

    3. by participating in project management, equipment installation and commissioning and training, can be skilled in the operation and adjustment of public engineering equipment (e.g. building control system, hvac system, water system, pure steam system, water system, water supply system, etc.);

    4. good ms common office software operation skills, cad software;

    5. familiar with gmp and related regulations; 6

    6. a strong sense of responsibility, innovation and teamwork spirit, with good communication skills.