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pharmaceutical market pattern to look at the three big oppor pharmaceutical market pattern to look at the three big oppor
  • 2015-12-04
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pharmaceutical network in december 3rd in the twenty-eighth china pharmaceutical industry development summit forum, the industry believes that the 2016 pharmaceutical industry growth is still under pressure, the growth rate of about 11%, investors should focus on the development and innovation of the two main line.

the market structure readjustment

industry experts said that the future development trend of the pharmaceutical industry is gradually clear, innovation and mergers and acquisitions will be the two major drivers of future growth of pharmaceutical companies.

in terms of innovation, the old pattern of the industry is changing. for pharmaceutical companies, health care products competitiveness under the background of the old control costs in a round of bidding price in the process of gradually weakening, especially in the auxiliary medicine for the traditional advantage of varieties of enterprises, under pressure in the performance and valuation. drug registration review system reform, generic drug consistency evaluation, drug listing approval system pilot and other policies, will test the enterprise r & d strength, with a solid innovation ability of the enterprise is expected to gain advantage, the pattern of the pharmaceutical market will be re divided.

for equipment companies, the pressure on the tender price less than the pharmaceutical companies, and enjoy the opportunity for domestic equipment import substitution policy. however, from the recent tender situation in some provinces, the price of supplies products gradually incorporated into the scope of government control. more and more devices with their own products to the user stickiness, began to develop new business areas, such as slow disease management, remote diagnosis, rehabilitation, etc..

for commercial circulation enterprises, deepening health reform background, the government will continue to strengthen the cost of circulation channels, industry concentration will be further enhanced. at present, business companies in the traditional marketing, distribution business to expand new business, such as hospital supply chain management, pbm, gpo, etc.. the commercial channels, as retail pharmacies worthy of attention, as one church, yifeng pharmacy, people drugstore chain in the capital market, the domestic more than 40 pharmacies will be faced with the integration of the industry. with the help of the size of the line of chain pharmacies, large-scale chain pharmacies are actively to the pharmaceutical business, the patient's health management and other new business areas layout.

under the old pattern of the industry, pharmaceutical companies may be through new products, new models, new industries and other different dimensions based on the original business innovation, re split the domestic medical market cake.

mergers and acquisitions, industry concentration will continue to enhance the trend, with strong industry integration capabilities of the enterprise will continue to be concerned about. before the three quarter of 2015, the first three quarters of pharmaceutical listing corporation revenue growth rate is about 20%, profit growth rate is more than 14%, far exceeding the growth rate of the pharmaceutical industry. the reason has two aspects: first, the enterprise interior, the gross profit margin and the same period in 2014 increased slightly, the average growth of about 0.1%. during the period of sales expenses, administrative expenses and financial expenses and cost rate fell slightly in 2014, the average decline of about 0.3%, reflecting the enterprises to increase the cost and cost control efforts. secondly, the influence of the merger and acquisition and the factors on the performance of the listing corporation. the trend is expected to follow the industry consolidation will continue.

industry is now three opportunities

product tender, the current provinces in succession, in the context of health care costs, the price is still the main melody. in the tender price cuts, with new products in the process of the new enterprise in 2016 to rely on new product volume, will still have a positive contribution to the endogenous performance.

price pressures, the industry still has three major opportunities. the first is the innovative drug, with the tender progress accelerated, in recent years the bidding period approved varieties of the enterprise, will borrow bidding into the market, finally ushered in the volume of new varieties of opportunities, such as cisco, hengrui medicine, sea lummy pharmaceutical etc.. followed by the quality of the species, the office of the state council issued the first of this year on the improvement of public hospital drug procurement work of the guiding opinions made it clear that priority procurement to reach the international level of generic drugs. this is the recognition of high quality generic drugs.

third, the breakdown of the field of the tip of the breed is still available. fine linen fields such as drugs, drugs, and cheap drugs and a shortage of blood products, were not affected by the tender price, become one of the few harbor, involving hualan, tiantan biological, humanwell pharmaceutical listing corporation.

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