talent concept

talent development

"diversification" training mechanism

yuexing pharmaceutical company regards talents as precious wealth and emphasizes the "lifelong learning", "full learning" and "team learning" as well. we not only pay attention to the development of individual learning and personal intelligence, but also emphasize the cooperative learning and the development of group intelligence. yuexing pharmaceutical company has been in continuous improvement and optimization to create an advanced organization which is good at learning and willing to innovate.



"three channels" career development system

for every employee of yuexing pharmaceutical company, we have launched and developed the stereo channel career system constantly for "technology", "management" and "marketing" which will make the best platform for every assert on the right position. also, the design of the personalized career planning for every potential new talent can make she&he to be a professional expert, management elite and marketing backbone.

talent motivation

the company's motivation

the government personnel incentive policies

1. every year’s talent development fund subsidy, including the introduction and employment of high-level personnel, undergraduate students from key universities, as well as introduction of talents. all applicants must have been working in our company for one year and still on job at present.

2. for the employee who worked in the company of our city first time and signed a labor contract with the enterprise and pay the social insurance, we will give houseing coupon of ¥30000-50000 if they are the full-time undergraduates of “985” and “211” engineering universities and ordinary universities, and local colleges in taizhou. the details are as follows,¥50000 for “985” graduates; ¥40000 for “211” graduates; ¥30000 for local colleges in taizhou. award:for “985” and “211” graduates, we will give one-time reward of ¥4000 if they worked continuously for 3 years in our company.

social recruitment

department recruitment number date period of validity
生产技术部 储备干部 30 2015-12-03 3个月
营销中心 招商业务员 65-70人 2015-12-03 3个月
研究院 api研究员 1 2015-12-03 3个月
工程设备部 司炉工 2 2015-12-03 3个月
工程设备部 维修工 2 2015-12-03 3个月
工程设备部 水系统工 2 2015-12-03 3个月
engineering equipment hvac 2 2015-12-03 3 months
工程设备部 设备工程师 2 2015-12-03 3个月
工程设备部 电气工程师 2 2015-12-03 3个月
质量中心 qc检验员 3 2015-12-03 3个月
质量中心 验证专员 2 2015-12-03 3个月
质量中心 现场qa 3 2015-12-03 3个月

campus recruitment

hello, everyone! welcome to be one member of yuexing pharmaceutical company, in order to achieve your registration smoothly, the related matters notice as follows.

1、registration information

1.1 time: 8:00——18:00,july 7, 2015.

1.2 address: hr department of yuexing pharmaceutical company.

1.3 procedure: sign in →submit materials →manage accommodation registration.

2、required materials and goods for registration

2.1 original of registration certificate (dispatchment certificate), one copy of registration certificate (dispatchment certificate) with a4 paper.

2.2 original of undergraduate diploma and degree certificate, one copy of undergraduate diploma and degree certificate with a4 paper.

2.3 one copy of computer rank certificate、foreign language rank certificate and related post certificates with a4 paper.

2.4 graduate employment recommendation table、transcripts(people who didn’t submit when signing the contract).

2.5 one copy of positive and negative identity card with a4 paper.

2.6 one copy of yourself’s household register with a4 paper (people who won’t to transfer their households to the company).

2.7 original of registration certificate for household relocation (people who want to transfer their households to the company).

2.8 original of party relations introduction letter, party member file (party member).

2.9 six of your recent passport-size1 inch color photos.

2.10 personal goods such as clothes、beddings、toiletries, etc(people who accommodated in our company).

3、explain of registration:

3.1 title of registration certificate (dispatchment certificate): jiangsu yuexing pharmaceutical co., ltd.

3.2 title of party relations introduction letter: xinghua municipal party committee organization department of the cpc.

3.3 receiving unit of student file: xinghua personnel service centre, address: no. 43 chushui road, xinghua city, postcode 225700.

4、bus routes

4.1 by train (you need to transfer to a bus): you can take train to taizhou station, then transfer to a bus to xinghua bus station.

4.2 by bus: you can take bus to xinghua bus station, or to taizhou bus station then transfer to xinghua bus station;

4.3 downtown: take bus no.2 to hospital of traditional chinese medicine, then take bus no.4 to the terminal, and you can take taxi to the destination which may cost you¥20.

5、successor arrangement

5.1 arrangement of physical check for new employees 'enrollment at 7:30 on july 8, carry your identity certificate and you should keep an empty stomach.

5.2 concentration on participating in a week-long pre-job training at 9:00 on july 8.


6.1 big necessities can be post to our company ahead of time, but don’ t post fragile, valuables, electrical appliance, kitchenware and tableware, etc. receipt time: june 15 to june 30. mail address: no. 29 nanhuan road, xinghua economic development zone. recipient: lu ailan, phone: 18361822130, postcode 225700.

6.2 please contact with us if you can’t be enrollment on time for some reason, and send the information to the company's mailbox of, delayed registration for no reason may be considered as a breach of contact.

6.3 if you have doubt, you can make telephone counseling:18361832130. wish you a happy voyage!

yuexing pharmaceutical co., ltd


may 5, 2015